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Aerospace Baykee modular solar hybrid inverter power system
Aerospace Baykee modular solar hybrid inverter power system

BAYKEE hybrid solar inverter power system is a special intelligent multifunctional power system designed for new energy needs. It consists of solar panels, batteries, two-way meters, MPPT controllers, and solar inverters.

According to different working modes, it can work in different application environments, such as grid-connected solar power generation, off-grid solar power supply, solar energy storage, off-peak energy storage, UPS power supply and backup.

During the day, the inverter use solar energy to supply power to the load. At the same time, it charges the battery and stores electric energy. The remaining energy is fed back to the power grid through the grid-connected inverter. When the solar energy is insufficient, the solar energy and the municipal electricity or the battery pack share the power to the load; When solar power is not available, it is powered by mains electricity; When there is no power supply or solar energy, it will be converted to battery backup inverter power supply. When the battery is running out of energy, it will send a generator start signal to start the generator and then turn it into generator power supply. Internal circuit of this hybrid inverter use microprocessor control automatic detection management, the 6th generation of ultra-low loss IGBT inverter, which is very high efficiency, low distortion, large screen LCD display, more user-friendly and more intuitive. Solar MPPT makes the best use of solar and the intelligent battery management extends the battery life.

In order to adapt to different power supply environment, the inverter adopts multi-mode design and can be applied to single-phase or three-phase. The user can realize three-phase input and three-phase output, three-phase input and single-phase output; or single-phase input and single-phase output, or single-phase input and three-phase output.

BAYKEE hybrid solar inverter power system is widely used in telecommunications, transportation, factories, schools, hotels, commercial and domestic places such as solar grid-connected power generation, off-grid power generation, energy storage systems, etc.

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