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Aerospace Baykee Joins Hands with BAOCLOUDCLOUD to Escort “Double Eleven” Shopping Carnival
Aerospace Baykee Joins Hands with BAOCLOUDCLOUD to Escort “Double Eleven” Shopping Carnival

The Alibaba BAOCLOUDCLOUD command center in Shanghai successfully escorted the "Double Eleven" shopping Carnival, as reported that the 2019 "Double Eleven" day achieved high sales more than 268 billion yuan (more than $38 billion dollars).

As the emergency power supply system service supplier of BAOCLOUD IDC for many years, Aerospace Baykee has provided power solutions for its projects for 6 years. Recently, it has once again formed the "Double 11 Emergency Support Center" working group to escort the double eleven global shopping carnival.

With a total construction area of 47,000 square meters, BAOCLOUD IDC is one of the few data centers that can meet the needs of telecommunications operators, domestic Internet giants and important government customers. It is the gathering place for high-end applications in data centers. Reliable product quality for BAOCLOUD IDC and Telecom operators, Alibaba, Tencent, China customs and other enterprises, provides a solid guarantee for deep cooperation in data centers and cloud computing.

The data center server and network equipment are extremely demanding in the operating environment. The air conditioning of the computer room controls the temperature and humidity in the data room. It is the important equipment for balancing the constant temperature and constant humidity environment in data room. If the computer room air conditioner stops operating due to an accident in the data room, the high temperature in data room will cause damage to the server equipment, which will seriously affect data security and bring significant economic losses to e-commerce transactions.

It is conceivable that BAOCLOUD project is extremely strict in screening emergency power supply service providers. With leading technology solutions, excellent product quality and perfect service system, Aerospace Baykee IDC refrigeration system emergency power supply solution successfully settled in BAOCLOUD IDC data center in 2014, keep continuous to providing safe, reliable and efficient emergency power supply products and services for more than 6 years.

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