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Aerospace Baykee introduces the integration solution for ETC gantry system on Highwa
Aerospace Baykee introduces the integration solution for ETC gantry system on Highwa

Recently, Aerospace Baykee’s integrated solution for ETC gantry system successfully won the bid for many ETC projects of highway, helping China's ‘’smart transportation’’ construction.


What is the ETC gantry system?

The ETC gantry system is a traffic probe-like device which is installed above the highway or on the roadside, to provide outdoor workstation capabilities such as smart cabinets, network security, and edge computing. It ensures accurate billing when fast non-stop passing, replace the original function of the provincial border toll station.

By August 1st, 2019, there are 29 provinces in china have started construction and transformation of ETC gantry systems.

What problems we are facing?

The expressway ETC gantry system is an intelligent monitoring system integrating image processing and automatic control. It needs to uninterruptedly and long time run stably in the complex environment of high temperature, low temperature, humidity, electromagnetic, dust and vibration in the field. and the anti-theft demand, network security needs are high.

In order to ensure the ETC gantry system safe, reliable and efficient operation, Aerospace Baykee tailored the integration solution for the ETC gantry systems on highway.


Integrated solution

The solution integrates outdoor cabinets, power distribution units, integrated air conditioners, highway dedicated UPS power supplies, backup batteries, intelligent access control, and dynamic monitoring. According to the characteristics of ETC gantry system, it can match the corresponding customized products such as single cabinet, double cabinets and triple cabinets.

The product has the characteristics of anti-theft, dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion, long storage capacity, real-time monitoring, intelligent warning, etc. It supports high-power supply, intelligent remote power supply, and can realize zero-time switching of uninterrupted power supply, solving the problem that the three-phase balance difficult of electromechanical system in highway industry, and discrete distribution of loads, provides a guarantee for the safe operation of the equipment.

Key design 1:

Integrated air conditioner

The air conditioner is equipped with a cooling product specially designed for outdoor cabinet cooling. It is suitable for the internal high heat generation of the cabinet, the internal electronic equipment is sensitive to the ambient temperature, and has complete functions. It has high reliability, simple installation and power supply, no need complicated debugging, etc.


Key design 2:

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Baykee lithium iron phosphate battery is designed for communication power supply and UPS power backup. The product is equipped with 1 to 6 sets of 51.2V 100AH batteries to ensure that the UPS backup time is no less than 4 hours.


Key design 3:

Online rack UPS

Our Baykee UPS are fully intelligent and purely online ups, the traditional DC 192V rectified voltage is adjusted to DC48V, which is perfectly matched with the lithium battery pack to meet the power requirements of different gantry systems.



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