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Aerospace Baykee ETC gantry outdoor integrated machine room applied Rongwu high-speed project
Aerospace Baykee ETC gantry outdoor integrated machine room applied Rongwu high-speed project

Recently, Aerospace Baykee outdoor integrated ETC gantry machine room entered the Rongwu Expressway (the expressway between Rongcheng City in Shandong Province and Wuhai City in Inner Mongolia). After a period of trial operation, the project acceptance has been successfully completed.

With the widespread application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and vehicle-road collaboration, the ETC gantry system has become an important infrastructure for intelligent high-speed upgrade and transformation. As an important facility for electronic non-stop toll collection, the ETC gantry system also has functions such as segment billing, traffic survey, video surveillance, and speeding screening of passing vehicles, which greatly improves the efficiency of traffic and saves labor costs. In order to ensure the stable operation of the gantry system, it is undoubtedly necessary to build a small data center outdoors to ensure the normal transmission of the data of each subsystem and the stable operation of the functions. After strict selection, the project party finally chose Aerospace Baykee as its partner.

Aerospace Baykee focused on the customers' core requirements for "reliability, safety, and convenience" of key infrastructure, and customized the ETC outdoor integrated machine room with G-YT1-R800 as the core. The solution integrates online UPS, power distribution, lithium battery, air conditioning, monitoring, access control and anti-theft systems, and meets the design requirements of YD/T1537-2015, QZTT2013-2016 and other communication system outdoor integrated cabinets. The outdoor UPS system has undergone strict vibration modal analysis to avoid resonance; advanced exhaust pipe design, high efficiency and energy saving; for the remote and complex distribution environment of the ETC gantry frame system, the cabinet door is equipped with anti-theft electronic locks and supports remote control, which is safe and convenient. The realization of unattended operation, high reliability and high security has been unanimously recognized by customers.

The online outdoor UPS integrated cabinet adopts IP55 protection grade, with dustproof and waterproof functions, to meet the use of harsh outdoor environments. Anti-high and low temperature design, the cabinet adopts design measures such as shading, heat insulation, and temperature compensation to maintain the internal temperature of the cabinet to ensure the normal operation of the host and battery, can adapt to normal operation under the environment of -20℃~45℃. With lightning protection and other surge protection, the system is equipped with a pluggable lightning protection device not less than 1.2KV/10KA to effectively prevent lightning damage to the equipment.

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