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Aerospace Baykee Assists the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Venue Expansion
Aerospace Baykee Assists the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Venue Expansion

Recently, Aerospace Baykee stadium has achieved great success in the field of power supply, and the integrated solution of venues has successfully entered the Capital Stadium to help the Beijing Winter Olympics build a "smart venue".

According to the renovation plan, the Capital Gymnasium will realize the concept of "the most beautiful ice" through the latest sound and light technology; during the renovation and expansion, the function conversion of the two competitions of figure skating and short track is a big challenge. The two projects have different requirements for the temperature and hardness of the ice surface. The ice surface conversion must be completed within two hours, which is a great test for the ice rink structure and power equipment load.

In order to solve the above-mentioned electricity problem, the Capital Gymnasium project party has undergone strict selection and finally selected Aerospace Baykee as its partner to build a smart stadium. The Aerospace Baykee technical team has visited the project site many times, combined with the rich experience accumulated in the field of stadium power supply, fully analyzed the load characteristics, actual power consumption and power demand of each important facility, and customized the integration of the capital stadium for it Power solutions.

Aiming at the emergency lighting system and fire emergency system of the stadium, adopts Aerospace Baykee EPS power supply as the core of the emergency power supply solution. The efficiency of the series of products is close to 100%. The advantages of intelligent digital design and other advantages ensure reliable emergency power support; for multimedia System, ice rink refrigeration equipment and other related infrastructures, apply UPS power supply solutions centered on the Aerospace Baykee CHP3000 series UPS power supply to provide uninterrupted power protection for equipment.

In the field of power supply for large venues, Aerospace Baykee has created many successful cases both domestically and internationally with its excellent product performance and perfect service system, escorting aerospace quality along the way.


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