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Aerospace Baykee 30K off-grid power frequency inverter Applied in wind and solar hybrid power systems in Russian
Aerospace Baykee 30K off-grid power frequency inverter Applied in wind and solar hybrid power systems in Russian

Baykee TYN-30K off-grid power frequency inverter are ready to be sent to Russian. This inverter is customized according to user’s requirements, 240VDC, 380VAC 50HZ. It will be applied in wind and solar hybrid power systems in Russia.

Wind-solar hybridization is a power generation application system that uses solar cell arrays and wind generators (converting AC to DC) to store the generated electric energy in a battery pack. A wind and solar power system is mainly composed of wind turbines, solar cell arrays, intelligent controllers, battery packs, multi-function inverters, cables, supports and auxiliary parts, etc., and the power is connected to the grid and sent to the conventional power grid. At night and in rainy days when there is no sunlight, wind power is generated, and on sunny days, solar power is generated. When there are both wind and sun, the two energy functions at the same time, realizing the all-weather power generation, which is more economical, scientific and practical than use alone the wind turbines or solar power.

The wind and solar hybrid power system consists of the following four parts:

  1. Power generation part: It is composed of one or several wind generators and solar panel matrixtocomplete the conversion of wind to electricity, solar energy to electricity. The automatically charging of the battery pack is completed by the charge controller and the DC center.
  2. Power storage part: composed of multiple batteries to complete all the power storage tasks of the system.
  3. Charge controller and DC center part: It is composed of wind and solar charge controller, DC center, control cabinet, lightning arrester, etc. Complete the connection and combination of various parts of the system and the automatic control of battery pack charging.
  4. Power supply part: It is composed of one or several inverter power supplies, which can convert the DC power in the storage battery into AC power required by the users to offer power supply various electrical appliances.

Wind and solar hybrid power systems are widely used in road lighting, agriculture, animal husbandry, planting, aquaculture, tourism, advertising, service industry, ports, mountainous areas, forests, railways, petroleum, military border posts, communication relay stations, road and railway signals Stations, geological prospecting and field investigation workstations, and other areas with inconvenient electricity consumption.


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