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7 benefits of modular UPS
7 benefits of modular UPS

In the UPS world, the compact and power-packed modular UPS have gradually replaced the traditional less-efficient and heat-generating static tower UPS. The modular type enables flexibility for adapting power needs. A typical modular UPS is combined with several smaller individual power modules(normally from 10kva to 120kva) together to provide power and redundancy rather than sizable centralized UPS. These modular UPS can create high capacity systems and obtain “N+1” redundancy. Even though one unit of these modular parts fails for service, the others are still working as usual without any effect.

7 benefits of modular UPS systems

When it is compared with conventional large capacity UPS, this new type of modular UPS shows its higher performance and more benefits.

1. Efficiency Enhanced

Due to the modular UPS systems’ re-configuration principle, they run close to the capacity. Running near its maximum rated capacity means the highest efficiency has been reached. The traditional UPS systems normally run well below the capacity which implies a lower efficiency.

2. Flexibility

By re-configuring the power to meet changing business needs, the modular UPS shows great flexibility. The system’s capacity can be easily expanded even if you want to add up to ten times the original installed capacity. From small server rooms to large data centers, all you need is to expand the modular.

3. Maintenance

modular UPS systems maintenance

Because the modular type can be easily installed, upgraded, reconfigured, and moved, it can save time and money by reducing the maintenance cost. The modular parts are hot swappable so they can be returned to the factory for repair or exchange.

4. Lower Total Cost

In terms of service times and overall cost, the modular UPS is worthy of investment even though it’s slightly more expensive than the large capacity UPS. However, the current modular UPS system’s price is reducing and one day will reach close to the traditional UPS system’s price. Besides, the installation for modular UPS is lower than large capacity UPS system. Finally, the modular UPS battery is lower than the traditional one.

5. Higher Availability

For large data centers, the overall high availability is required so it must take the reliability of UPS into consideration. Every UPS system has made redundancy into design in advance to deal with technical failures. In traditional UPS, two redundant systems must have been installed so the second one can work as a replacement for the first one when technical failure happens. But in a modular system, there is no need to build redundancy into the entire UPS because the one or two modules in the system have the function of compensating for the failure of another module.

6. Space-saving

The traditional UPS system usually occupies more space because it is extended horizontally on the floor. On the opposite, the modular UPS normally stacks vertically in the rack so it can save a lot of space.

7. Overall Monitoring

With the LCD+LED touch screen display, it’s quite easier to maintenance and all control of rectification, inverter, charging, and discharging can be done through a digital signal processor. Continuous monitoring allows the maintenance to act quickly when individual modules fail.

The modular UPS has gained its market and widely used in the data center, computer room, ISP service, telecom, and medical system in recent years due to its flexibility of structure and high performance. Users can save costs at the beginning and also can extend based on needs which help users to achieve dynamic growth as the business develops.

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