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60kVA High Frequency Online UPS Systems Have Been Shipped to Kazakhstan
60kVA High Frequency Online UPS Systems Have Been Shipped to Kazakhstan

Since Kazakhstan’s independence, China has become one of Kazakhstan’s important trading partners. China’s investment in Kazakhstan has exceeded $20 billion. And the strategic partnership between Kazakhstan and China has continued to grow. In the past year, the total trade between the two countries has increased by 11.4% to reach 12 billion US dollars.

We Aerospace Baykee also have the good business in Kazakhstan market. In last week two units of the high frequency online UPS 60kVA Systems have been shipped to Kazakhstan. Here we simply introduced our high frequency online UPS series:

Baykee HTT Series and HTT-P series high frequency online UPS adopt double conversion true online architectural design, which is the best architectural design which can solve all power supply problems. Can effectively block that abnormal power supply to shock loads. Meantime, assure output power supply stability, precision, reliability. Providing various loads with safe abd efficient power supplies. Baykee HTT series and HTT-P series are the 3 phase input and 3 phase output UPS which adopts digital control technology and epitomizes state-of-art technological results of contemporary electronic and automatic control areas. The power capacity is from 10kVA to 400kVA, and output power factor is 0.9 or 1. They’re application to small and medium-sized data centers, network management center, computer rooms for enterprises, control center for manufacture, transportation, energy source fields, etc. And for industrial precision and test equipment.

We Aerospace Baykee based on aeronautics technology and quality, committed to improve power quality and conditions to meet our customer's need and satisfaction. If you’re interested in our projects or products please freely contact with us!

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