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5G is coming, Baykee’s UPS and outdoor ups is well prepared for the challenge
5G is coming, Baykee’s UPS and outdoor ups is well prepared for the challenge

Background: In early December 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a 5G low- and medium-frequency test license to the three major operators. In South Korea, which has been officially commercialized and the United States has begun trial commercial use, China’s 5G construction has been accelerating in the competition for the world’s leading intangible competition. Based on the fact that ZTE has been sanctioned and Huawei has been close to the “blacklist” of procurement, it is one of the most realistic choices to support leading enterprises to set off the domestic 5G construction banner. Among them, the strong alliance between China Mobile and Huawei will continue. The tacit understanding has become the best partner in the development of 5G.

The 5G communication base station construction is In full swing. According to the data, to the end of September, China's mobile communication base stations reached 6.39 million, of which the total number of 3G/4G base stations reached 4.79 million, accounting for 74.9%. As the important partner of Huawei, Baykee also play an important role in accelerating the construction of telecommunication base stations. Our outdoor ups HW series online ups 1kva to 3kva, according to the character of outdoor signal station, choose the online MCU control technology, the six generation IGBT inverter technology, to offer the overload protection, over voltage protection over current protection for the outdoor equipment. What is more, the cabinet of the outdoor ups is IP55, waterproof and dust proof, to make sure the ups work well outside. The outdoor ups have different communication interface for choose, RS232, RS485, dry contact and SNMP card for choose. More and more communication field company choose this type ups 1kva to 3kva to supply their outdoor telecommunication station base.

Besides, the technology of 5G is also closely connect with the R & D of Huawei or China Mobile. In the formal cooperation with Huawei and China mobile, we have made many successful project for them. Baykee’s modular ups escort in the Huawei Chengdu Research Institute, offer highly reliable power protection for its laboratory building safety system. Modular ups IDC center provides a reliable power system solution for China Mobile's 10086 computer room. Baykee’s outdoor ups offer the no break ups power for the 100pcs outdoor telecommunication station base.

5G is coming, Baykee’s online UPS and outdoor ups is well prepared for the challenge. Various ups type can be chose for the project,double conversion online ups, outdoor ups, emergency power supply, modular ups and etc.

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