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160kW On-Grid and Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Power System
160kW On-Grid and Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Power System

The 160kW modular type on-grid and off-grid hybrid solar power system with 2 groups of 192V 300Ah lithium battery packs and solar panels will be shipped to Saipan in this week. There voltage is 3 phase 220Vac there, so there is a 160kW transformer is connected to the front end of the solar inverter to perfectly meet the customer's requirement. And the 160kW solar inverter is included 1 piece of bypass modules and 8 pieces of 20kW power modules, which is very easy for customer customer maintenance.

Aerospace Baykee TYN-M series on grid off grid hybrid solar inverter power capacity is from 10kW to 200kW per unit, and can be maximum 4 units working in parallel. According to different working modes, it can work in different application environments, such as grid -connected solar power generation, off-grid solar power supply, solar energy storage, off-peak energy storage, UPS power supply and backup, and it is ultra-high efficiency.

The TYN-M series on grid off grid hybrid MPPT solar inverter has 8 working models, it can support lithium battery packs, OPZV battery, GEL battery and Lead-acid batteries. To adapt to different power supply environment, the inverter adopts multi-mode design and can be applied to single-phase or three-phase. The user can realize three-phase input and three-phase output,three-phase input and single-phase output; or single-phase input and single-phase output, or single-phase input and three-phase output.

Our TYN-M series on grid off grid hybrid solar inverter can be widely used in remote mountainous areas, no power areas, islands, as well as communication, transportation, factories, schools, hotels, commercial and household applications such as grid-connected solar power generation, off-grid power generation, energy storage systems and so on.

More details please browse the specifications on product page, or directly inquiry to us!

Off-Grid Solar System, Off-Grid Solar System in China

Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology is fulfilling clients' needs by introducing Chinese Off-Grid Solar System in bulk.

Are you are living around there or where power is accessible; however, power cuts are continuous and long? Off-Grid Solar System is intended to give power supply. It creates a force during the day utilizing sun-based power. This Solar framework assists you with running all your force hardware straightforwardly from the sun.

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